"Bill is an excellent speaker with vast knowledge of youth. His experience has given me different ways to be a good advocate for at risk students."                                                                               - Ron Tokarz, Warren Woods Tower High School

                                                         Detroit, MI

"The training I experienced with Bill Corbett was among the best training I have received in the many years I have been doing this job. The content was phenomenal in that it provided context, comprehension, tools and methods of deployment. Significantly, he provided the psychology, the thinking behind the interventions so that they could be replicated in culturally diverse settings. Bill has amassed a breadth and depth of knowledge that was developed working in the trenches as a participant and not an observer. Furthermore, he shared this knowledge and experience in a very engaging, practical and inclusive manner. I walked away from this workshop experience a changed, re-motivated and engaged youth worker who again found hope that what we do truly does matter."              - Irwin Larrier, Center for Community Justice Elkhart

​                                                 Elkhart, IN

"I attended the Youth Worker Certification Program in Warner Robins, Georgia and it was definitely not at all what I expected. I learned so much about myself(which I did not expect) and about how to create relationships with youth and how to get youth engaged and how to keep them engaged. I would recommend Bill Corbett to anyone who works with young adults, his program is phenomenal!!                                          - Leslie Palmer, EMBA, Paxen Learning

​                                                                         Macon, GA

"Bill is a fantastic speaker and did a great job at the LFOCUS event at Bethel High School. He was dynamic and engaging and left the students with helpful, practical tips. His presentation was fun and exciting, relating to the real, practical, and challenging elements of the students' lives and leaving them with strong advice. If you want a top-notch youth development consultant, professional speaker, and youth behavior expert, you want Bill Corbett."                                                                                                         - Jeff Davis, Contractor Nation

                                                                                         Rotterdam, NL

"Mr. Corbett's workshop at the GSETA Conference was inspiring and exciting. He offered new ideas and methods on working with youth to engage them in finding and maintaining employment. I brought back his ideas to the staff, and discussed some of the methods, such as volunteering, working on group projects, and writing as possible techniques for us to try. Mr. Corbett was enthusiastic and interesting during his presentation, which made it memorable for me."    - Susan Rakoci-Anderson, NJ Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

                    Newark, NJ

"Bill Corbett presented at the L-FOCUS (Leadership For Our Children's Ultimate Success) leadership summit on March 2, 2016. He was professional from start to finish and the students really enjoyed his humor and content. I look forward to having Bill speak at future summits and highly recommend him for any events that include educating and lifting the next generation of leaders."                                         - Heather Hansen O'Neill, Professional Speaker & Author of Teams on Fire

​             Bethel, CT

"Bill's presentation on working with transitioning youth was engaging, witty, and fun. He really seems to get it on best practices for working with and engaging millennials today."  - Brandi (Reisdorf) Fitch, Bellevue University

​                                                      Dubuque, IA

What People Are Saying About Bill Corbett

"Mr. Corbett kept everyone engaged and was a very effective presenter. He provided me the knowledge, strategies, and techniques that will assist me in my profession as well as personal life working with youth. I highly recommend him."  - Brandy Everett, Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas

                                   Port Arthur, TX

"Bill is an excellent facilitator! I was lucky enough to attend one of his workshops at the NAWDP Youth Symposium in Chicago. During his presentation he provided the audience with life shaping words of wisdom that I have incorporated in my every day practice as a youth worker. Bill spoke about what it takes to be an effective and empowering youth worker and it was just what I needed to hear. I would recommend Bill to any organization looking to motivate and empower their staff."                                      - Rob Pabon, Chicago Cares

                                                                                     Chicago, IL

"Bill presented an awesome workshop at the Garden State Employment and Training Association October 7th. His positivity and hope was a great message, and he offered many inspiring ideas for working with our "at risk" population of students who have all but given up. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who works with the population!"   

​                                                 - Karen O'Neill, MSEd, Brookdale Community College

                                                   Middletown, NJ

"I got to know Bill as being an inspired person. In a personal way he manages to tell his audience about the significant role of parents in children's lives. Furthermore he is a thrustworthy collegue and a pleasure to work with."

                                                                                                           - Peter de Vries, CPS

                                                                                                            The Netherlands

"I had the opportunity of participating in Bill's Youth Worker Training. Bill is an excellent presenter! During our training session, he introduced us to psychological and tangible concepts to further enhance our work and connections with our youth. Additionally, Bill kept us fully engaged with different activities through practical exercises, videos, and small group discussions. I loved how Bill emphasized how we as youthworkers need to continue growing and learning as people to better serve youth. Bill makes himself available for follow up webinar sessions and resources to help his clients. Bill is amazing!"                                                                                                - Erica Myers, Urban Alliance

                                                                                            Baltimore, MD

"The Youth 180 Workshop that I participated in was very enjoyable. I can appreciate the research that went into the material. I really like the fact that Bill is someone who truly works on the front-line with today's youth....which in my eyes brings real credibility to the workshop. Well worth the investment."                                                                                                             - Raymond Davis, The WDS Group

​                                                                                     Chicago, IL

"During Oklahoma Works Conference, I had the opportunity to attend Bill Corbett's break out session, "How to Get Hard-to-Reach Youth Engaged in Life & Employed". Bill delivered insightful information with passion and conviction which made it a very powerful and meaningful presentation. It was a very productive session, well worth my time and I would certainly attend again and recommend his sessions to others.!!     - Tolissa Autry, Muscogee (Creek) Nation

                                                                         Tulsa, OK                                           

"The presentation presented by Bill Corbett "Understanding the Millennial Mindset," was very informative. He introduced the psychology of the millennial generation. He discussed how the millennial parents play a big part in how they view the world. I enjoyed the way he explained how to gain the attention of the millennial and how to introduce them to ways becoming more productive in today's workforce." - Adolph Pearson III, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma

                                     Oklahoma City, OK

bill corbett parenting expert and author speaking at a conference

"Bill Corbett is an outstanding presenter. He is passionate, engaging and offers alternatives to dealing with youth that many of us have never considered."                                                                                                          - John Read, Cape Abilities

                                                                                                 Yarmouth Port, MA

"I could not have been more impressed by Bill's presentation on parenting. His understanding of the challenges faced by parents and children was well researched and easy to understand." - Dr. Michael Wald, Somers Public Schools

                                                                    Somers, CT

"Bill is an outstanding speaker that captures the audience right away and keeps them until the very end! I attended his conference session "Reigniting The Passion in Your Work" and l left energized and ready to take on whatever comes my way at work! I would highly recommend going to any of his presentations!"                                          - Michelle Krefft, Drake University

                                                                       Clear Lake, IA

"Bill Corbett was keynote speaker at our conference Parent Involvement in Amersfoort (The Netherlands). I was touched by his presentation, it was personal and energetic. He showed us the power of forgiveness and therewith our own personal strength to make a change, in our lifes and in the lifes of others."                                                                                - Myrthe Meurders, CPS

                                                                                                Utrecht, The Netherlands

"Bill opened the event I attended in Amersfoort, NL with a keynote that captured the audience's attention with humor and thought-provoking information. He drove home the points that the words and actions of both parents and teachers plays a critical role in the development of the child, even more of a reason that parent involvement in the child's education is key to the child's growth and development. He ended his dynamic presentation by creating images for the audience that life is too short not to be doing what matters most; caring for ourselves so that we can care for our children."                                                                                                                                   - Judith Westerhoff-Bartels, Nettstaff

                                                                          Rotterdam, Zuid Holland

"I just wanted to once again say “THANK YOU” for an amazing training. The material covered was phenomenal and Bill was brilliant in how he showed us the tools you need for effective youth work but then to have the ability to show us how to use the tools to build the types of relationships and programs that will truly make a difference. I have been talking about the training since we left and hope to keep in contact with him for any other trainings that are like the ‘Youth Worker Certification."                                               - Jeermal Sylvester, Employ Indy

​                                                                                       Indianapolis, IN